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Asset Management – Challenges for Defence Maturity Model

Asset Management Maturity is the echelon of asset management. It is the combined management of financial, operational, maintenance and risk activities by a business to realise greater value from its assets.

There is, however, a significant focus on the culture and leadership within defence in relation to asset management maturity. A workplace that places importance on supportive culture speaks a threefold communication language: operational, tactical and strategic. This language extends to all employees. Supportive leadership and a collaborative culture are necessary elements for asset management to succeed. It is through the channel of strong and supportive leadership that defence can approach improving asset management maturity and procuring the benefits thereof.

Leaders are generally employees who have worked hard to get to their current position. They have shown loyalty to the organisation, have incredible wells of knowledge, and they are committed to improvements, both for themselves professionally and the organisation overall. However, there can be gaps in leadership. In defence, there is some acknowledgement that a leader does not come equipped with a base knowledge of asset management. Trial and error ensues in the very environment that should be adaptable and flexible.

Leadership in asset management maturity ought to be viewed through lenses which focus on decision making, objectives, balancing cost, risk and performance, and collaboration. When the organisation has this level of maturity and consciously views itself through this lens, it organically becomes able to respond to the environment in the appropriate manner and meet the needs of its stakeholders. The system works to drive business in ways that have been deliberately structured to bring benefits that are enduring and unequivocal.

Defence services will grow in numbers; there will be greater collaboration between the management of the land, air and sea elements of defence; superior products and profits; as well as the Australian Defence Force becoming a world leader in innovation, teamwork and protection.

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