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Understanding Risks & Asset Assessment Process for WTP Aeration Assets (Control of Legionella)

In 2014, the Water Corporation instigated the “Legionella High Level Risk Assessment Initiative” (LHLRAI), a prioritised work plan to capture cooling tower assets subject to AS3666.1-4 and the Department of Health WA requirements for assessing Legionella risk (Code Of Practice, 2014). As part of this initiative, inclusion of other “aeration” type assets such as plate aerators and spray basins were assessed and the outcomes compared with compliance against national and available industry best practice standards.

Aeration typically forms part of the primary or first treatment step in water treatment. Prior to the LHLRA initiative, treatment efficacy in the context of the level of Legionella challenge was simply not known.

Check out the recording of this webinar which explains the background driving the need to understand the growth of Legionella within treatment processes across the organisation.

It shows the methodology developed to understand and assess the risks of Legionella:

  • How a multi-stage assessment approach was developed and utilised to gain understand of the risks,
  • The tools that were developed and executed to assess the risk of the process assets (including the development of a Legionella High Level Risk Assessment tool),
  • The outcomes of those assessments and the mitigations that were deemed required to control the development of environments that promoted biological growth including Legionella.
  • It will show the communication methods adopted by the Water Corporation to give the workforce and business a greater understanding of the risks and mitigation being put in place.
  • It will explain the development of an auditing/ sampling process which continues today, which demonstrates improvements in the condition within treatment process assets and shows the effectiveness of the controls and mitigation.

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About the presenter: Ian Bradley is a Principal – Asset Capability for the Water Corporation of Western Australia. He has 34 years industry experience involving paper manufacturing and packaging, food manufacturing and packaging and water utility industries covering the following asset management functions:

  • Reliability engineering,
  • Tactical and strategic asset maintenance management,
  • Operations support,
  • Process optimisation,
  • People management,
  • Asset investment planning,
  • Project development and execution.

Ian is an accredited Engineer with the Engineering Council UK and Institute of Plant Engineers and Society of Operation Engineers in the UK.

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